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Promoting their latest release “TOKYO LIVE” Van Halen is tearing the roof off of every summer shed out there and showing everyone why they are still the untouchable kings of hard rock. With an insane setlist full of hits, fan loved album cuts and some never-played-before-this-tour tracks, anyone who missed the mighty VH on this tour missed a legendary show!
September 30, 2015 1: 36 AM | 0
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Interview with Kerry King of Slayer

One death; one new record label; one new producer; one new (returning) drummer; one new (legendary) guitarist: fighting through the most traumatic three years in the band’s history—upheavals that w

September 30, 2015 22: 33 PM | 0
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Breaking Benjamin: Dark Before Dawn

 After years of both physical and mental anguish Benjamin Burnley has channeled this emotion and pain into his bands new release “Dark Before Dawn”.

September 30, 2015 21: 24 PM | 0
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Origins Of Rock Band Names

Who knows how a rock band names itself? Does lightning strike, do the drugs kick in, does a beloved book or film click, does gibberish do all the heavy lifting?

September 30, 2015 1: 45 AM | 0
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